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  bob体育:"Hopefully when I'm done with my work here, the connection between the two universities will be further strengthened, and through that I will leave a legacy," Reimers said

  The ambassador said China has done its best to implement the UN Security Council resolutions in a strict and full fashion, while pushing for relevant parties to resolve problems through peaceful negotiationsHer lawyer said she was ill with an ear problem and could not appear in court

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  Cui said the resolution is a shared responsibility for all partiesChina is a big country, so officials have to collaborate with each other well

  91 million people out of poverty each year from 2012 to 2016, according to a report from the State Council on Tuesday"However, whatever China does will not fundamentally solve the issue," he saidThe earthquake took place around 4:30 pm near the area of Kilju in the northeastern DPRK, just around 6 kilometers from the Punggye-ri facility where the country held its latest test

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